design will save the world / tasarım dünyayı kurtaracak

Hakan Dağ

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Photography, Graphics, Logo Design, Advertising, and Branding & Identity. Strong program and project management professional…

International Ankara Design Week

This century will be century of design. Design makes difference. Age of discoveries ended in a way. Now we are in the age of differences. This magical word will carry you and make you different from technology to industry, industry to service sector.

Looking-Seeing-Perceiving-Understanding-Recognising and Moving. This sequence take you to the edge of ”Recognisation” and ”Design” makes it possible.


New Heroes Of Design

Power of design is more important than ever “For a better world”. The design of the new heroes page is a new platform for unified interaction creators.


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